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Cover of La Cocina de la FronteraLa Cocina de La Frontera

Mexican-American Cooking from the Southwest

by James W Peyton, Andrea Peyton (Illustrator), Michael O'Shaughnessy (Photographer)
First Edition : May 1994
Publisher : Red Crane Books (now Museum of New Mexico Press)


Border Regional Library Association's Southwest Book Award for literary excellence and enrichment of the cultural heritage of the Southwest, 1995


This book on Mexican-American cooking contains more than two hundred kitchen-tested recipes that explore the regional diversity of the cuisine in New Mexico, California, Arizona, and Texas. The author explains the development of Mexican cooking from its Indian roots, through its development in response to European influences, to its arrival in the American Southwest. It traces its development with recipes from Mexico's pre-Hispanic, Colonial, and modern eras.


"Congratulations on La cocina de la frontera. What a fine book! This is what it's all about. We're very proud to be carrying it." ~ Noah Waxman, Kitchen Arts and Letters 1994

"Jim Peyton has written the definitive book on Southwestern cookery." "This cookbook gets our highest recommendation because it is well-researched, intelligent, and complete." ~ Chili Pepper Magazine, November 1994

"Likely to be the definitive book in the field, here's the most scholarly, thoughtful and authentic treatment of Mexican-American cooking yet printed, and one of the finest cookbooks of the year." ~ Travel Books Worldwide June 1994

“Peyton’s book gives an overview of the history of Mexican-American foods, probably a better one than can be found in any one other source.” ~ San Antonio Express-News 1995

"I have been cooking Tex-Mex food for nearly forty years and found recipes in this book for dishes I never dreamed I would be able to cook at home, It is literally a treasure trove for anyone addicted to the cuisine." ~ Goat Gap Gazette, August 1994

La Cocina de la Frontera

Jim's first cookbook gives a purview of Mexican-American cuisine in the Southwest region of the United States. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me.


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