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Cover of Jim Peyton's New Cooking from Old MexicoJim Peyton's New Cooking from Old Mexico

by James W. Peyton, Michael O'Shaughnessy (Photographer)
Publish Date : June 1999
Publisher : Red Crane Books (now Museum of New Mexico Press)


Nominated for the 1999 World Cookbook Fair Awards in Versailles, in the category Best Cookbook on National Cuisine


The book introduces a contemporary and richly varied style of cooking. It begins with a history of Mexican cooking, which is illustrated with familiar and not so familiar traditional recipes. It traces Mexican cooking's development over the last 500 years from its American, Spanish, French, Arab, African, and Oriental roots.

It then introduces the contemporary and richly varied style of cooking, unique to Mexico, called "nueva cocina mexicana." This is Mexico’s still largely unknown five-star haute cuisine that presents elegant Mexican food that holds its own with the world’s finest upscale cooking, yet still maintains the soul-nourishing quality for which Mexican food is famous.


“Jim Peyton’s book is well-researched and thoroughly delicious. It places the glorious and varied cuisines of Mexico in a context that should appeal to both the food historian and the home cook.” ~ Russ Parsons, The Los Angeles Times 1999

“Jim Peyton’s New Cooking from Old Mexico introduces a new world of Mexican cuisine—one that combines traditional peasant and court cooking techniques to create dishes ideal for home and restaurant kitchens.” ~ Kathleen Furore, El Restaurante Mexicano Magazine 1999

“This isn’t simply a cookbook. It’s also a meticulously researched and beautifully written account of the evolution of Mexican cooking over the centuries, showing how Indian, Spanish and Moorish influences all have contributed to Mexico’s distinctive cuisine.” ~ Southwest Bookshelf 2000

“One man’s journey through the history of Mexican cuisine culminates in this fascinating book.” ~ Home and Garden 2000

Jim Peyton's New Cooking from Old Mexico

The third cookbook written by Jim goes into Mexican haute cuisine and provides a historical perspective. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me.


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