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Recipe and Menu Development for the Mexican Restaurant and Food Industry

Jim Peyton is now drawing on his over thirty years experience with all aspects of Mexican cooking to offer consulting services to the Mexican food industry. He works with new and existing Mexican restaurants, hotels, and food manufacturers wishing to provide authentic regional cuisine—both interior Mexican and Mexican-American—to their customers.

We create menus featuring recipes that are authentic and that conform to the owner’s criteria regarding food cost, ease of preparation, and that support the restaurant’s theme and marketing plan. We also train the staff to prepare and serve the recipes, and are available to adjust them based on customer feedback.

Because of the regional nature of Mexican cooking it is crucial that Mexican restaurants ensure that their menu items are authentic, especially in terms of their clientele’s perceptions. Because diners are becoming increasingly sophisticated and adventurous, many operators specializing in a particular style of Mexican cooking should consider integrating items from other aspects of the cuisine into their menus. This expands their market appeal and provides increased choices for existing customers.

For further information and a no-obligation discussion, contact Jim Peyton.

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Learn about consulting services provided to restaurants and the food industry. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


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