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Introduction to the Diet Plan


“A funny thing with a diet, the second day is always easier than the first. By the second day you're off it!" (Jackie Gleason). Like most good humor, that quote contains a large measure of truth and points clearly to the fact that the real secret to dieting is to enjoy the process so much that it becomes a pleasurable part of your lifestyle!

How it works

Most diets concentrate on what you should eat, but they ignore the fact that people often refuse to eat what they are told to eat for long enough to provide meaningful results. The reason that happens is because too many diet foods fail to provide the reward that people expect from their meals. You can solve this problem by finding enough dishes that are both healthy and slimming and that give you a significant reward between splurges.

Our goal

Eating the right foods  beomes easier for you when you choose items that you really enjoy. Food should make you happy, and you should look forward to each meal! If you truly enjoy eating the kinds and amounts of food that allow you to meet your goals, you will never again have to worry about losing weight. Without that basic enjoyment the odds are that any diet will fail!

Preview of the Complete Plan

The plan is being designed to achieve the goal of a lifetime of nutritious and slimming dining through joy rather than pain. You will want to eat what you should eat!  The plan will appear soon on this site and will include:

  • A comprehensive collection of diet tips that have proven effective and that fit with our common-sense, reward-oriented approach.
  • A listing and description of Superfoods; the planet’s healthiest foods.
  • A collection of delicious, easy-to-prepare, healthy recipes—many of them found on menus of the world’s finest restaurants! And many of them will be appropriate for vegetarians, diabetics, the lactose intolerant, and celiacs.
  • Realizing that not everyone has either the time or inclination to cook, there will be an entire section for The kitchen averse and those too busy to cook. It will provide the tools necessary to meet dietary goals without spending much time in the kitchen.
  • Because many people frequently eat out, there will be a section showing how to deal with this serious challenge to healthy dining.
  • There will be special sections for those dealing with cardiac care and diabetes that show how to use the site in conjunction with doctors and/or dieticians.

Preview of What's to Come



A short overview of the upcoming diet plan and the principles that it will be sharing. If you have any comments or questions, feel free to contact me.


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